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Monthly Sim and Contract. I'm confused.

Hi, I wonder if someone (from Virgin?) can help me, since I can't seem to get through to anyone on the phone who knows what I'm talking about.


I've had a monthly contract for the standard 24 months, which I got with my Samsung S3. Now I'm out of contract and decided I wanted to switch to a pay monthly sim for the moment. I did this online and as it asked for my current number, thought I would be switching over. 


The sim arrived today and I've logged into my account to find my old contract still there, and the sim contract with a new number. There's also a usage charge of £0.67 on the sim, which is odd since I haven't even popped it out of the card yet.


Can anybody help me please, I'm confused by both the help on the VM site and about how I'm supposed to switch.

Thank you.

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Re: Monthly Sim and Contract. I'm confused.

Hi arkham,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy and thanks for your post.


I can see where the confusion has occurred here.


When you order a SIM from our site you are ordering a separate package not tied into your account.


To get your package changed and the extra rolling monthly SIM cancelled you would need to call our mobile team on 789 or on 0345 600 789 where I'm sure we can get this sorted for you. 


Hope this helps.


Let me know how it goes.





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