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MobileData "JOKE"

I just don't get it. Since I've been with virgin my data just gets rinced, I'm usually on wifi so never need my data on unless I'm out n bout I'll turn it on quickly for whatever I need it for then back off again all background apps are turned off even in the data settings all programmes are off unless I need one for the Internet I put that app on, it's like the other night I put my mobile data on to watch a half hour programme and it took over 700mb ?????? Now this is becoming a JOKE I used to top up with my last provider and everything lasted me the month so come on virgin sort this out #MONEYGRABBERS
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Re: MobileData "JOKE"

You watched 1/2 an hour video , it used 700MB of data (about right for 1080p on Youtube) and its something to do with VM????

I mean, their mobile offering  is ropey, no doubt, but they have no control over what resolution you choose to watch a video at...


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Re: MobileData "JOKE"

Hi StevenDaykin,


Thank you for coming in and posting your message, welcome back Smiley Happy


Data usage can really creep up on you if you tend to use it for videos as this is the highest and most common form of data usage other than actually downloaing large gaming files.


Depending on what phone you have, most androids/iOS mobiles have built in data alarms you can set and will tell you what app is using the most data, be sure to check them out Smiley Happy


I hope that you we can help in the future and take care.


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