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Mobile web allowance drains instantly

I've had the same phone/contract for nearly 2 years now and it's only been in the last 2 months that my mobile web allowance seems to drain at a random point in the month instantly. I had it happen last month but figured perhaps I'd accidentally allowed some podcasts or something to download over it, but then just the other day I was out and in the span of 1 minute I got 3 texts saying my allowance was at 50%, 95% then 100%. My phone was in my pocket doing nothing at the time, and as far as I can tell nothing downloaded at all either. Anyone else come across a similar issue at all?

I'm using a Nokia Lumia 630 and my web allowance is 500mb which has been more than enough up until now! 


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Re: Mobile web allowance drains instantly

Hi Enaksan,

I'm afraid that I'm not familiar with Windows phones but on my Android device I can go into settings and view my mobile data usage - it shows which Apps have used how much.

Can you not see this on your phone? It would help in solving your problem.

AlexKid :-)

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Re: Mobile web allowance drains instantly

When this happened to me, my phone was trying to download an operating system update. When it happened to my son, a Simpsons game he'd installed was eating his data.

I think the notifications aren't particularly timely
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Re: Mobile web allowance drains instantly

My wife has a Lumia 635 and there has been no change in the pattern of her data usage over the last few months, still only around the 100 to 150meg monthly.

I would guess a phone setting has changed or down to a new or updated app?
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