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Mobile warranty

How many people have sent their mobile handset off to virgin mobile to be fixed under warranty, onto to hear nothing from them and have the mobile arrive back in the post.

The account states it's because they couldn't contact me, funny that they can get in contact to try and flog me a landline, i've three mobile accounts and email........why not try one of these ?

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Re: Mobile warranty

Hi lizrp

The repair centre I believe would only contact you if they needed more information about the problem in hand.

For example, if you described a fault and they were unable to replicate the error then they would contact you for more information

as far as the repair process goes, I BELIEVE they just send you the bag, you write the fault on the paper, send it in , they repair it and then send it back

If the issue was the fact they couldn't contact you. Unless specified as a contactable number then the repair centre wouldn't know who to phone as they don't have access to your details at Virgin mobile/media

How have you got on so far with this

any update?

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Virgin Mobile Staff , However, All opinions are my own

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