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Mobile phone freezes and won't receive text

I've had a Nokia 630 on contract since October and in February the phone developed issues. It keeps freezing when I try to phone people and it only sends and receives sms messages if I turn the phone off and back on.

the phone has been sent off for repair twice and both times it's been returned with the same issue. 

I keep phoning for help and get through to a call centre in the Philippines where the customer advisor doesn't seem to understand my issues.

each time I'm told to send it for repair but I never get the bag to send it off in and I'm a little sick of paying for a contract phone I can't use.

All I want is a working phone.

ive been into the Virgin store in the bull ring Birmingham and asked for help but they said there is nothing they can do and refused to give me details of anyone senior with the company. 


My main concern is that I have a serious heart condition and due to this I need a mobile for emergencies.

my heart has a defibrillator sitter and if it goes off I need emergency treatment straight away. 


Currently im now restricted from going out on my own because it's unsafe for me to be without contact with other people. 


Ive been a virgin customer for 12 years and have the largest TV, broadband and phone packages and I'm very close to cancelling them all and going else where because I'm so disappointed with the lack of customer service. 


I just oust need someone to help. 

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Re: Mobile phone freezes and won't receive text

Suggest you google " CEO email addresses", look for Virgin Mobile and send off a short but polite complaint.

The current level of service is absolutely dire with no end in sight for us poor frustrated customers after a badly implemented computer upgrade that has caused numerous issues that nobody seems able to fix

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Re: Mobile phone freezes and won't receive text

Hi brik1975,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you've been having trouble with the repair process. So we can make sure this is looked into as soon as possible, I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps.


You can view this by clicking on the red envelop in the top left hand corner.




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