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Mobile insurance excess rant

Yet another annoyance with Virgin Mobile

So after a lengthy saga when I first got the phone around what is unlimited data and what is not, I have now faced another annoyance with their insurance.

I have managed to crack my screen, I called the insurance provider to make a claim and have been informed it will be an excess of £150 to fix.

Looking at the insurance page this excess seems well out of line with the current policy which seems to have come into affect after November 17th 2014 on that policy the maximum excess is £80.

looking online you can get the repair done for under £150, what is the point of having the insurance, I do accept some responsibility as I should have read T&C's properly, I cant recall the excess being so high and thought it was £50.

I will stick to Virgin broadband in future and never buy a phone through them again.

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Re: Mobile insurance excess rant

Might be worth checking out ebay etc to see if you can get a suitable diy repair kit if you are sure that there is no other damage involved other than screen replacement. I'm not necessarily recommending this, it's just an option to consider (and I think you still have to be a bit tech handy to fit it).

Be aware though that working on it yourself would probably invalidate any warranty you have on the phone.

Good luck with it