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Mobile bricked after last Samsung Update

For all you haters out there, I will explain my recent experience with Virgin Mobile. I am not affiliated in any way with Virgin Mobile. I am a 57 year old network engineer who probably knows more programming languages than you from Cobol to Fortrans. My S6 mobile got bricked with the last Samsung update, (1 1/2 weeks ago). I phoned the helpline, yeah its annoying when they ask you to do everything you already have done, but suck it up. Said yeah your phone need to come into the hospital, we will send out a jiffy bag and box within the next 4 days, once it arrives can take 10 days to sort. I had the jiffy bag arrive first class the next day, I sent it back, they returned a new phone the following day but one, so 4 days from inception to result. TY Virgin media

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