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Mobile balance

Wonder if you guys can help.

my mum is in hospital just now, she is a monthly mobile customer (for years) who has never been able to check her balance via texting 789789, says there is a problem or by phoning 789, only tells her her monthly balance, she also seems to have a @vmwithmobile email address which has never been set up so we can't set up her online account as we can't get her password

mum is worried about her balance whilst in hosp as she has been using it more, but she has enough to worry about right now.  She can't call customer service either, it takes too long to get through and she doesn't want to give out her details in the middle of a ward.  Is there anything she, or we can do to?

thanks in advance

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Re: Mobile balance

What sort of phone is it? Can she install the app?


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