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Mobile Repair Fiasco

I got my son a Samsung A3 on a 2 year contract in February this year, and 2 weeks ago the phone stopped charging. I called Virgin and was told the phone was still under warranty and they would repair the phone under the warranty.

I sent the phone to them and today got a call telling me that Virgin would charge £96 to repair the phone. When asked why they could not repair it under the warranty, as advised on my phone call, the lady told me I could send it to Samsung to see if they would repair it or pay the charge.

Absolutely disgusted with this complete lack of customer service. 

Last time I had an issue with Virgin I had to start following Richard Branson on twitter and send him a tweet to get any action. 

So can anyone else advise why a phone covered by a warranty cannot be repaired under that warranty? 

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Re: Mobile Repair Fiasco

When it's accidental damage or moisture affected
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Re: Mobile Repair Fiasco

Hi Kevin13,


Thank you for taking the time to write in and post your message, when phones go down it's never the best.


J0hn is correct and has simplified what I would have said, although I would add that when the phone was sent off, this would have been checked and measured against what's covered in the warranty. This report would be available to you when calling in, did they mention what damage was identified through the course of the send off?


Keep in touch and thank you.


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