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Mobile Phone Insurance (Non-Virgin) Claim

Hi I'm looking for help. My mobile phone which was bought through and on contract with Virgin, was recently had stolen. I reported the loss as soon as I could, and all the other things I needed to do. I have insurance through my bank and have started a claim. They have asked for:

  • Proof of Purchase document, 
  • Proof of Barring document,
  • Proof of Usage document, 
  • and a Lost Property or Crime Reference number.

I can provide the last one, and when I queried about "proof of usage" and "proof of barring" they stated:

"Proof of Usage from your Air Time Provider, this must contain the make, model, IMEI number and the first and last recorded usage".

Which, in effect would be all my airtime bills, although my phone isn't mentioned on there only my number, so would need to send payments for the phone as well.

I've requested all of these from "Russ" in customer services, although I suspect he's not based in this country and he isn't called Russ or Russell. He has said that they might not be able to send the "Proof of Purchase" document or "Proof of Usage" document via e-mail in pdf or equivalent format (which anyone can do using freely available software, are Virgin equipping staff with the wrong tools?) and they can't send a "Proof of Barring" document, as no-one has ever asked him or his manager for one.

This beggars belief a bit, because it seems to be standard for all the insurance companies to ask for it, then again, he may never have experienced the torture of bureaucracy in the UK.

I've been without a phone for ten days, my replacement sim arrives tomorrow, I would like to be able to get my claim sorted before the weekend...anyone help? Seriously considering going back PAYG and a Nokia brick...

Thanks in advance for any help, it will be gratefully received!

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Re: Mobile Phone Insurance (Non-Virgin) Claim

Hi Jacomus,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that your mobile was stolen. 

Checking into this for you, I can see that the information you requested has been sent. Have you received this? Please let me know.


Kind regards,

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