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Mobile Handset delivery by Yodel

Hi Virginmobile,


I have received confirmation that my phone will be delivered today by Yodel, however it is not possible to track the delivery using the Order reference number. Yodel will only accept a parcel number for tracking and it is not possible to contact them in any way to find out more information or get the parcel number. Why is this?

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Re: Mobile Handset delivery by Yodel

Don't mention Yodel to me lol


My phone was supposed to be delivered on Friday, nothing came although their website said they had tried to deliver it. Saturday it was out for delivery again, and yet again nothing was delivered and again their website said an attempt had been made to deliver it. Both days (including today when delivery was actually achieved) I was 'stuck' in the house waiting for them to bring my phone to me. I wish you good luck in getting yours delivered today.


As for your Order Reference Number. Virgin send you that email for your reference, although it states you can type in to Yodel's tracking site to track your order (which you can't).  When I couldn't track mine I had to call Virgin Mobile Customer Services and ask them to give me the correct parcel number to input into their tracking site.


Hope this helps you, and once again, Good Luck with your  delivery today.

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Re: Mobile Handset delivery by Yodel

Hi Immunologist85,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy and thanks for posting with us.


My apologies for not being able to track your order.


I can see geordiechris has been helping you out with some great advice.


Did you manage to get this sorted?


Let me know if you need anything.


Speak soon.



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