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Mobile Contract Meltdown

I have two pay monthly mobile accounts. One is used by my girlfriend and one is used by me - both are paid by me.


When I took the second contract out - I asked if I could switch numbers so that I could use the new handset on my number and the old handset my girlfriend's number. VM did this, it wasn't a big issue.


One of the accounts is out of contract and I want to cancel it, mainly because my girlfriend is Swedish and VM/EE network limitations around Swedish networks.


I have been told I can't cancel it because my girlfriend's number is associated with the account that is in contract and cannot be moved. My number is associated with the one now out of contract even. If I cancel it, I lose that number and have to use my girlfriend's number.


VM claim the numbers should never have been switched and because the system was changed in March what was done can no longer be undone or changed.


Bare in mind I am not trying to get out of paying anything, I am happy with my contract.


The issue is I am being treated like I have done something wrong, that I MADE VM do something they shouldn't have done.

I own both contracts, I pay them both, but the only option I have been given is to pay off the other contract at £710. And that is the only way we can keep the numbers. Or I leave as is and carry on paying both until that contract has run down next year - just to state again I want that contract and I am happy to pay it, just didn't realise I would be locked into both even when one was out of contract.


I take responsibility in making this situation complicated, it wasn't my intention, I originally just wanted to get my girlfriend a good phone and contract. I should never have asked them to switch the numbers or take on a second account, but I feel that VM are treating me very poorly like i held them at gun point and created a scenario which they take no responsibility for.

I appreciate the system can't switch the numbers since it was updated so maybe me writing this is pointless, but it feels like VM's problem is my problem and as far as they are concerned that is the end of it.

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Re: Mobile Contract Meltdown

Hi DC78,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


Sorry to hear about your difficulties with your contract. Appreciate your frustrated with this situation.


I'd like to get this checked over again for you.


I will send you a private message (red envelope, top left hand side) to gather some details from you.


Speak soon





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