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Methods of payment for micro sim cards

Hi my partner is a PAYG customer and will need a micro sim when he purchases a new phone. I understand there is a £2.99 fee to do this however he does not have a debit card or chequebook so can someone advise whether other methods of payment are available? For example can the fee be deducted from his existing credit balance on his top up card or can he pay in cash in store? Given that he has been a virgin mobile customer for over 10 years can the fee even be waived? I'm grateful for any advice you can offer, not everyones financial circumstances are the same and people without access to debit cards should not be discriminated against. In the interests of fairness, alternative methods of payment should be available to loyal customers. I'm grateful for any advice anyone can offer about this. Thank you.

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Re: Methods of payment for micro sim cards

Hi Valleygirl,

Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


Thanks for the query regarding paying for a micro sim. Micro sims can be purchased in store with no issues but this will not have the same number on it.


Ordering a replacement sim on our system will require valid card details so the order can be processed even if the fee is waived I'm afraid.


Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this.





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