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Messed up data

Ive had my contract since December and up till June it would take me at least 3 weeks to use my 1gb of data, however since then its keeps going within a week? I know it sounds like its just my fault but since then i have been going over alot, but it doesnt say it in my bill so could it be a mistake? Its weird cause last month it took me 3 weeks again, it took 1 week for my goodwill data to go however it got refreshed Friday and it said i used 100% on Saturday!! I dont get it because I literally hardly used my data as im going away and want to use it abroad, it also says ive used 200gb sice Saturday so in 2 days when ive literally turned it on twice and back off again. What can i do to stop me using it so quickly!
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Re: Messed up data

What phone?
What apps have you install recently?
Has you wifi gone off and your using mobile data at home
Does your phone check for update all the time?

Lots of other questions.

But the simple thing is to factory reset the phone and see if it's resolved.

I hope you have a back up system like on google main to the phones own back up system so you don't loose anything important. It is likely to be an app or settings tbo
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