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Me: Phone not working abroad. Virgin: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I just came back from a trip abroad where my phone did not work.

This had happened twice previously, always after cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die promises from Virgin that all would be peachy.
Sure enough I land abroad, and 'No service'. (my friend, also on Virgin, has service just fine).
- I switch off my phone (apparently this could help), turn it back on, no diff.
- I go to the network settings, re-set everything, no diff.
- I turn off the automatic network selection, load the available networks (there were 4), try them all one after the other, still 'No service'.
Cue vacations without any way to be contacted by anyone.

Back in the UK I call Virgin again, and they basically tell me that there is nothing they can do and I should pop in a store. ?

So I do that, and Store-dude tells it to me straight: 'Nah, there's nothing we can do. It does happen quite a bit. Virgin is pretty **bleep**-poor for connectivity abroad, you're better off buying a foreign sim over there or a Lebara one here.'

If true, that is some pretty insane stuff. What the hell Virgin, really??
I'd like to hear from fellow users who might have had the same issue and possibly resolved it - or anyone who switched to another better network... any luck?


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Re: Me: Phone not working abroad. Virgin: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To be brutally honest, VM have great difficulty providing a decent signal/service for mobile users here in UK (see all the poor/non existent signal threads on this site!!) so the chances of anything abroad are even less. (again, this site FULL of threads about 'non working roaming!!)

Personally, I wouldn't waste my money trying to use VM abroad, just do as advised and buy a sim to use abroad..VM are useless in UK , leave alone abroad!! Smiley Tongue far less trouble, AND VM lose out on the money, (because they WON'T refund the pass you bought, believe me!!)

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