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Marketing caller couldn't even pronounce my name.

It is a truism that whilst you can buy anything in your own language to sell you should speak the buyer's language.


I was called last night by someone trying to bounce me off my 30 day contract. He could not even pronounce my relatively common first name.  Almost everything had to be repeated. He offered me a free phone but not a particularly good one and when I said I wished to stay on my rolling monthly contract he hung up


Somewhere  Virgin Mobile have lost the plot. I moved to Virgin because Richard Branson offered an alternative to the existing operators by  putting the customers first. Now the reverse appears to be the case.  The management should go back and read what his USP was - because that's what built the Virgin brand.


Sorry for for venting my spleen on the Forum.  But if any of the Virgin Team read this they could pass it on to the marketing people, I don't expect a reply.


If Virgin wants to raise its revenue stream, how about negotiating  4G with EE rather than trying to mug the customers.

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Forum Team
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Re: Marketing caller couldn't even pronounce my name.

Hi Sappermajor,


Many thanks for posting.


I'm very sorry to hear of your bad experience with one of our outbound sales team. I hope no offence was caused with the incorrect pronunciation of your name.


I appreciate these can be frustrating. Are these calls a common occurrence?


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.



Forum Team
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