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Lost service and website won't let me log in

I noticed my internet wasn't working on my phone and tried to check using the app the came on the phone to see if it had something to do with maybe a payment not going out. It won't verify me without 3G, but since I have no service I can't do that. I checked my bank and the £12 from the flex deal thingy hadn't gone out but the phone payment did. So I've been trying to log into my account through the website. Pretty sure I've entered the correct email and password, but the account doesn't seem to recognise it. I've tried both forgotten password; didn't work. Then forgotten password and email, and it says I'm not on the system after entering phone number, last name and postcode. I don't know what's happening but I can't call a support line since the phone that isn't working is the only phone I have.

I'm currently at a loss of what to do, but I sort of need my phone working and I can only do so much using wi-fi.

Any help?

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Re: Lost service and website won't let me log in

Hi ConorK,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear you've had some trouble with the service on the phone. I want to get this all sorted for you.


So I can look into this, I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps. You can view this by clicking the purple envelope in the top right.




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