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Lost phone and want to recover my Photos and Contacts, is this possible?

I lost my phone and the area its in hasn't great coverage. I tried the Find my phone app for Samsung and the Virginmobile rescue app, neither of which can locate my phone. It was ringing sunday morning but by the afternoon goes straight to voicemail. I'm insured so can get a new one only its my contacts and photos that I really want. I don't believe I've ever backed up the photos or contacts and I just want to know if its possible to get access to these some how?


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Re: Lost phone and want to recover my Photos and Contacts, is this possible?

I'm sorry, but it isn't possible to retrieve photos if you haven't already taken action to do so.


The Virgin Mobile Rescue app only helps to locate your handset and/or lock it and/or erase it if it's stolen or lost. Much the same with Google.


There are online backup solutions out there, but I think you're too late. They rely on lots of battery power (i.e. the handset must be on) and getting a good signal.


For what it's worth, I use Dropbox. My handset automatically uploads each photo I shoot as long as there's more than 30% battery. Then, the dropbox sync app automatically synchronises the online storage with a folder on the hard drive. The upshot of this is that I can take a photo of my dogs being cute when we're out for a walk, and by the time I'm home it's already on the hard drive in the garage without me doing anything.



If it's an android phone and you've been installing apps, your contacts may have been saved to your google account.

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