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Lost Phone


Lost phone. Rang through as soon as realised (next day) and provided number and IMEI (bought direct through Apple). "Soft" bar placed and person logging the issue advised it takes 24 hours to block the handset. She could see when it was last used so no nasty bills at least and advised to ring back through in event that it was not found (phone would not be able to be used excessively, essentially just receive calls or make calls to Virgin etc was my understanding). She gave me her name and a reference number.

Phone thorough next day or so again and this time IMEI was used to get it blocked on the network so no one could use and new SIM etc sent (bar lifted so she could send a new SIM out and then placed on it again). She then also gave me her name and reference number.

Phone fortunately is insured and the Insurance company just want what (according to them is a standard letter) advising that the phone has been blocked and when the last call was etc. Rung through this evening (previous 2 calls were in the day). Think I got put through to some offshore call centre.

Person I spoke to wasn't speaking clearly or listening, kept having to repeat myself and clarify what she was saying. She then advised that they do not block handsets which totally contradicted what I was previously advised had happened. Got a bit tired of repeating myself again and again and asked for a manager and told that one was available and to call back later. She gave me her first name and advised that was all she was required to give me.

Has anyone else had a similar "poor" experience and do I just need to phone back through in the daytime to hopefully get someone that knows what they are doing or was the last person I spoke to correct and Virgin don't block 3rd party handsets despite what I was assured?

Any advice appreciated.



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Re: Lost Phone

Hi Ajay,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear you've lost your handset. It's never nice when this happens. I also extend my apologies for the troubles you've had when speaking to the team. I'll try my best to clear this up for you.


We can only blacklist a handset if we have the IMEI live on our system. I don't have access to your account so can't say for definite if we have it or not. I assume if we weren't able to do this you would have been told on the first call.


You can try and sign in to if you've got "Find My iPhone" enabled on the device. More information can be found on Apple's site here. It may also be worth speaking to Apple support online here to see if they have another way of blocking it.


If you're still not sure about this then I'd highly recommend giving the team a call back at a time you prefer so it can be double checked.


Hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.



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