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Lost Mobile Internet over last few days

Hi over the last few days I seem to have lost all mobile internet signal.  Phone texts are still fine but no go on mobile internet.


Have rebooted phone both power off and left for 10 ins and a normal reboot.


I have also double checked and even deleted and redone the APN settings.  Currently using the following (they were the same anyway)


Name = Virgin Media Mobile Internet


Proxy = not set

port = not set

username = user

password = not set

server = not set


MMS proxy =

MMS port = 8080

MCC = 234

MNC = 30

Auth type = PAP

APN type = default,mms,supl

APN protocol = IPv4

APN roaming protocol = IPv4

APN enable/disable = APN enabled

Bearer = unspecified

MVNO type = None

MVNO value = None


Network operator is set to Virgin.


Phone is a OnePlus One


Area I am located in mainly is Burnley (BB10) and Blackburn (BB1)


All was working fine until last few days but nothing happening now.


Any ideas ???



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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Lost Mobile Internet over last few days

Hi gkh030176,


Thanks for posting. I'm really sorry to hear you've got no mobile internet.


I've checked the masts in your area (BB10) and everything looks good with no faults reported.


Can you confirm if the issue is still happening?

Are those the exact same settings as before?


Please let me know and I'll assist further.



Forum Team
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