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Loss of mobile internet

As we all know, there was a nationwide outage of mobile data on Sunday night, from about 9pm to 1am.

I also experienced another outage last night (this morning) from 12.55am to 1.15am* and was wondering if that was part of the same problem.  In both cases the phone had full signal but no data connection.  Two questions:


(a) Has Virgin Mobile produced an announcement anywhere to apologise for (or blame on EE) the outage on Sunday night?  If not, why not?  Has EE produced one?  This would seem to be the least you could do to keep customers up to date with developments and/or to reassure them that it wasn't their own phone to blame.


(b) Does Virgin Mobile provide a page anywhere that allows us to check the current service status?  I can easily find one that offers to tell me about fixed-line broadband or TV problems, but looking for something similar for mobile sends me round in circles.



* This was not ideal as it happened during a crucial battle in an online game, for which the deadline to establish control was 1am.  The location was Trow Pool water tower, near the M40 north of Oxford.

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Re: Loss of mobile internet

Hi Imc,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you had some trouble with data on Sunday night. This isn't something we like our customers to go through and we worked very hard to fix this.


We don't have an online service status page I'm afraid. If you posted the fault on the forums, we'd be happy to take your postcode and let you know if there's any faults.



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