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Locked out of mobile

Having problems with my android phone , I'm locked out of it and it is asking me for a google email and password to get back in. I do not have a google account and tried my email address and password and still no joy. Rang virgin and they said I would have to remember my password to get back in my phone. Is there any way of retrieving my login and password ? Either from virgin or is there any other way round this problem to get back into my phone ?
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Re: Locked out of mobile

Although you can use android without a Google account it's almost certain you have one as you need one for Google services like the Play Store.

You would have created an account when you first set up your phone  (it asks for you to login or create a new account in the setup process) and a common place to write the details down is the back of the phone manual/quick start guide/piece of paper left in the box.

If you didn't write the account details down or have since changed the password and forgot it you can try to recover your account from:

If you don't have success there then, I'm told, you'll probably be looking at a factory reset (there'll be a button combination at power on to do this) and starting from scratch. 

Good luck with the account recovery.

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