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Let down with Virgin Mobile offer

In July, Virgin sent out an offer of £5 a month for a certain bundle, part of which was (if I remember correctly) 500M of downloads. So I took it up, and a new sim card duly arrived. Unfortunately, I didn't put it into my phone in time. It needed to be in the phone and authorised with (I think) 30 days and I was a few days late. I didn't realise I was late so I phoned VM to get it authorised but it had expired, and the girl said she'd send another one.

Another guy came on the phone and told me that I hadn't ordered the offer but, instead, it was merely a replacement sim card. So, when I'd phoned to take up the offer, the person at the other end did things wrongly. The let down is that I can no longer have what I actually ordered. So I cancelled the whole thing and will continue with a Vodaphone card.

That was a few minutes ago. It's not exactly a feather in Virgin's cap, is it?

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Re: Let down with Virgin Mobile offer

Hi Phil_C,

I'm sorry to hear that there was a problem putting the offered upgrade for you and now it's no longer available. I appreciate how frustrating this is and apologise for the inconvenience this causes. If you would like to discuss this further, please get in touch on 0800 052 0238, taking option 1. 

Kind regards,


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