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Leaving VM help

I'm on a £10 rolling contract, I am finally giving up waiting for 4G and moving to EE.

Is it a as simple as call VM and ask for my PAC?  Do I have to call them again to cancel £10/month or does that happen automatically when EE use the PAC I give them?

Thanks for any advice

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Re: Leaving VM help

Hi HornetUK,

if you're on a 30 day rolling contract it is fairly straightforward.

You need to call Virgin Mobile customer services on 789 to cancel the contract & you need to give 30 days notice.

You can request the PAC code as well at the same time you set the cancellation but as the PAC code only remains valid for 30 days if you want to get the most out of your allowances you may be best to phone back later for this Smiley Happy

AlexKid :-)

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