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Keeping the PAYG number

I have a PAYG contract with Virgin and want to change to pay monthly. I was told (via chat before purchase) I can get a pay monthly sim and call 789 once I receive my new sim.


I received my pay monthly sim and called 789 but I was told it is not possible to transfer my current PAYG phone number to the new sim card.


Was the information the first person told me wrong???

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Re: Keeping the PAYG number

The SIM is just a token to identify your handset/device on the network. It does not control the type of arrangement/contract you have with VM.


The call centre can convert you over the phone with no change of SIM required. So there was no need to send a new SIM.


If however you also have a new phone and now require a new SIM of a different size, micro or nano versus standard, then they can also send you a replacement that's the correct size.


You will loose any accumulated PAYG Your / Crave Rewards when you convert to a monthly contract. So you might want to spend them first.



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