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Just upgraded my mobile - why is it so difficult????


I've just upgraded my mobile handset (I'm on a pay monthly contract). I was able to choose my new handset online and put the order in - all good so far!

Then I had to wait on 3 emails being sent to me to verify my identity/give me a secure code so that they knew it was me. Fine. Except I got email 1 of 3 and email 3 of 3 but no email 2 of 3 (which I couldn't proceed without). Lots of warnings telling me if I didn't got through the whole process my order would be automatically cancelled.

So I rang 789 and got speaking to a chap (eventually) who didn't quite know what to do with me... He then passed me on to one of his colleagues who had to send email 2 of 3 to another email address I have - apparently BT issues in their region mean some emails weren't getting sent.

I go through all the steps online while the lovely lady waits on the phone and confirms it's all done, my phone will be on the way.

Got my new phone today and it requires a nano SIM - my last one was a micro SIM. No one asked me about this but from reading several posts on this community they should've sent me a SIM that fit my new phone automatically.

So then I phone 789 again today  and explain the situation. I'm told 'well normally it costs £10 for a replacement SIM' - I said what??? She agreed to waive the £10 fee because I'd upgraded, but really, they shouldn't have even been considering charging me for a replacement SIM just because it was a different size. All my tariff and handset details are on my account so there should have been a new size SIM supplied as matter of course!

Now I'm waiting on a new SIM arriving before I can even use my new phone - and from reading some of the posts on here, it won't be as simple as it seems swapping them over (getting old one deactivated and new one activated). I will choose to be optimistic for now, but based on my last experience swapping SIMs it will be a nightmare again.

I don't understand why Virgin makes things so difficult for their customers. If I was to walk into Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U this would all be taken care of quickly. My friend who is with 02 made an appointment at their shop and got an upgraded handset, new SIM and a guy who transferred all her pics, contacts etc onto her new phone.

I chose to stay with Virgin because I have all of their other services, but believe me I'll be reconsidering once next contract is up.

Make it easy for us to stay loyal customers please!

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Re: Just upgraded my mobile - why is it so difficult????

Hi cc1979,

Welcome to the Community Forum, thanks for posting. I'm sorry that you’ve had such a bad experience trying to upgrade your mobile.

I will certainly send you feedback to our management team. Please let us know if you have any further problems.


Kind regards,

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