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Issues with SIM-Only Contract + Account


Towards the end of May this year, I created a VM Account and bought a Pay Monthly Contract for an S6. I received the order email for the contract but said that there was a technical issue and that someone would be in touch, unfortunately, no one got in touch and I had to contact Virgin myself. On the phone I was ran through the process of buying a Pay Monthly contract and was told that a Credit Check had to be ran before payment. I failed the credit check and was told that I would have to make monthly payments of some form to obtain some credit and prove that I could make payments for the actual contract itself. So, in the end, I went with a SIM-Only contract and was told that after 6 months I would be able to obtain the S6. It is now coming towards the end of those 6 months (I have 6 monthly bills in my email inbox for the contract) and I have not heard anything of the S6 being dispatched or the upgrade to the Pay Monthly. With that in mind I would like to know:

1. The status regarding the Contract and when I would be able to actually obtain a phone + pay monthly contract.

2. I also cannot login to my mobile account, my credentials are correct but whenever I click "Log In", I come to an error page saying: "We're sorry that you're unable to log in to Your Account at the moment". The account has been verified (I ran through the email process when I first created my account) and this has been like this ever since I setup the account.

Lots of confusion here so if someone could give me the answers or help that would be much appreciated. I've tried live chat for the past hour but being told that all agents are busy and I really do not like talking on the phone as I have trouble understanding people over it.

Many thanks. Smiley Happy


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Re: Issues with SIM-Only Contract + Account

Hi DH_San,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received any updates about your tariff upgrade and that you are also unable to log into your online account.

I can look into this for you, but will need to take more information first. I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the envelope icon at the top right of this page. 


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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