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Is this normal?

I had a problem with my Samsung S5. I reported a problem where my phone locks up for several minutes after receiving a text, when I sent it in I also filled in the form explaining a couple of other minor issues; dead pixel on the screen, numbers on onscreen keyboard showing as blocks rather than numbers, the cover for the USB port has become detached and a couple of other minor things. These didn't prevent me from using the phone but were more of an annoyance which as it was going to be fixed could be looked at as well.


After being transferred around in circles for about 5 calls I finally found out it was going to cost me £150 to have the USB cover attached again, I questioned if this also covered the cost of the other issues being fixed and was greeted with 'I don't know it just says the USB cover'. This was the least of my concerns and not even the reason I sent the phone back in, but the technical team seem adamant that its physical damage and won't do a thing about anything else. The funny thing is its not actually broken it just needs a dab of glue because you can see the textured edge where is become unstuck!


Is it normal that Virgin seems to rush you into sending the mobile back to them under the false pretence they will fix it?


They seen obsessed with finding any reason not to actually fix it and I can't even get a reply to an email or the phone returned to me!


I've requested the phone be sent back to me last week, still no sign of it, I've emailed 'the team' and no reply from them either.


At a loss to explain this, a long, frustrating and drawn out process. I also will be leaving for pastures new.

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Re: Is this normal?

Have you considered contacting Samsung directly?


I know that your contract is with Virgin Mobile, and it is their responsibility to sort out the problem, but they appear to be less than helpful when it comes to repairs that are beyond their ability.


A single dead pixel is probably within their acceptable range (I read that you need to have three or more before Samsung will replace the handset or screen).


Something you might consider is the "check for updates" - it sounds like some of your other issues are software based and may be fixed by a firmware update.



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