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Is it possible to 'top up' data on a monthly plan?

My 12-year-old daughter has a monthly phone plan with Virgin Mobile, which only has 250MB of data allowance per month. She accidentally went over this allowance watching YouTube on mobile data when she thought she was using our home wifi.

We are now being charged £1 a day because any tiny use of mobile data is enough to take her over the limit and incur a charge.  Given there are 19 days till her tariff refreshes, this means we will be charged £19 even though she'll only use a tiny amount of data.

I know I could switch off her mobile data but in the past doing this has caused problems with contacting her in emergencies (imessage and SMS not playing nicely together on iPhone so no message gets through a tall).

I feel very stuck, powerless and frustrated!

I'd be happy to pay to 'top up' her allowance for the rest of the month by paying the monthly fee of £5 again. But this doesn't seem to be an option. Does anyone know if this is possible?

The problem with Virgin Mobile is when you have these questions/issues and you call you typically get connected to terrible Indian call centres that have virtually no way to help you if your request is 'unusual' or 'off script'. The answer usually comes down to 'no - we can't help you'.

To be honest, I can't wait to leave Virgin Mobile when her contract ends in December. Every other mobile phone provider I've ever used merely slows the allowance down or caps it if you go over and doesn't let you build up charges. I think Virgin Mobile's approach is exploitative and unfair. I'm wondering if it is possible to get the Regulator involved in these cases.

Any help or ideas are very much appreciated.

Thank you very much,



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Re: Is it possible to 'top up' data on a monthly plan?

Hi stu_ck,


from 1st July the out of tariff charge for mobile data is doubling to two pounds per day Smiley Surprised:

With you saying your daughter only has 250MB is this the £5- per month tariff?
The data allowance on £5- has now doubled to 500MB:

If this is the case, it would be worth your while giving the Virgin team a call on 789 and asking for this new increased allowance.


AlexKid :-)

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