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Iphone 6s sim doesnt work...

Ok, so on friday my Iphone 6s came, the phone works fine and all, but the sim card what came with it doesnt get recognised by the phone, the phone says no sim installed, now if the sim wasnt activated, it would say no service, but this isnt the case, so the sim is defective and i will need a replacement, ive been using my old sim since what runs out on the 10th of october, but i thought i may aswell sort it now, so i called virgin media, and they seem to think that the sim needs activating, so they tried that and in the proccess they terminated my old sim, but the new sim still does not work (2 hours after activation) the phone still says there is no sim, so at this point i no longer have a sim what works, so i call again and they ignored the fact that i said its a broken sim and needs to be replaced and somebody has already attemted to activate it and they tried to activate it again, the phone is still saying there is no sim, its obvious that sim does not work so it needs to be replaced...

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Re: Iphone 6s sim doesnt work...

Hi Haydenbcfc,


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy


Sorry for any confusion caused on our part regarding the sim card. If your old sim was still working, the new sim definitely needed new activation on our side. It can take up to 24 hours for the new sim to activate on our service.


How's this looking for you now? Let me know as soon as you can.



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