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International Calls

Dear Community

we have moved from three to virgin media with our both phone numbers now and signed up a contract on direct debit. After we have now downported our numbers (which is very important) we found out some problems, where you might can help us:

1. First of all: We are not able to make any international call from our mobile phone anymore. When we check online the settings in myvirginmedia, there is not blocked visible, so we expect to use this.

2. We have a lag of sometimes half a day receiving SMS from friends inside Ireland. They have send us an SMS lets say around 12ish and we will receive this sometimes 6 hours later. There is not happening each time. Can you set up a receive confirmation in Ireland when you send a SMS?

3. We get data on a speed with H+ or H  but  had LTE inside the whole city before. Is this normal here?

Looking forward to get some help

Best regards


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Re: International Calls

I believe international calling may have to be switched on - give 789 a ring.

Can't say about the text message

LTE (4G) you are out of luck as there is no 4G on Virgin except on their special business tariff. This is not likely to be remedied soon.

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