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Intermittent Signal S2 area



In my area (S2 4 Sheffield) the missus and I always have had full, or almost full, signal bars - whether we were in the house or not. But since about Monday/Tuesday we've both been having quite a few moments where signal drops to very low, even causing some phone calls to disconnect.


1. This happens to both our phones, both are using Virgin Mobile (in my name, e-mail is linked to this forum account).

2. Restarting phone(s) doesn't seem to work.

3. Signal will go up and down by itself, without any interference.

4. We've considered some kind of interference around the house, but it also happens when we're about (nearby retail park, pub, etc) so it definitely seems to be some kind of area issue.


At first I imagined there might be some tower work going on, as it's difficult to find any kind of status page (besides a 3rd party one) hence the late reporting of this issue.


If this could be investigated, I'd be most grateful Smiley Happy




~ Adrian K

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Re: Intermittent Signal S2 area

Same for me in my area (G82), no signal in rear of my home, see 3G+/H+ normally but down to G and E then nothing on and off last few days.

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Re: Intermittent Signal S2 area

Hi AdrianK,


Sorry to hear your getting intermittent signal issues.


There have been some issues in your area recently which may have contributed to your intermittent signal problems. This has since been cleared. You may notice some residual issues as a result of this fault however.


I would suggest monitoring over the next few days and get back to us if it continues or alternatively you can call 789 from your handset.


Speak soon.


Many thanks

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