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Instantly drops call on certain numbers

My father just got a new handset (Nokia Lumia) with Virgin Mobile SIM card. He's having trouble calling his wife, who is on O2 with an iPhone 4. Every time she answers, the call instantly drops. She can call him alright, but can't receive a call from him. Other numbers (including landlines and other O2 numbers) work perfectly from the new handset, and the wife can receive other calls on her iPhone 4 without difficulty.


Any ideas why this is happening? Can it be fixed?

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Re: Instantly drops call on certain numbers

Hi Tom41,


Thanks for your post.


This does sound strange. Particularly as its the one number.


You may get an answer from a community member who's experienced this.


If not I would recommend that he gives our mobile team a call to take a look at this for him. Your father would need to call 789 or alternatively 0345 6000 789.


Hope this helps.


Many thanks





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