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Incompetence and stressful experience

So, having recently checked my credit file for a mortgage application I was horrified to find 2 x Virgin Mobile accounts on my file from 2010 (6 years ago).

The only information I have is the address and last 4 digits of the account numbers these relate to (and obviously the balances).

I followed the web links for VirginMobile Support to contact Virgin about these balances and was surprised to be connected to Virgin Media who asked for an account number and address.

I kindly explained I only had an address as the account numbers are not on my file and that I have only had 1 virgin mobile account from 6 years ago which I closed.

Still the accounts couldn't be found and I was advised to submit a web form which I did - the response I received was "Sorry we are unable to help without an account number or address" - even though I explained at length in the email the situation and gave them my address.

After 12 emails I have had enough and called Virgin Mobile (Virgin Media) only to be told I would need to contact the CreditAmendments team which I did - they finally confirmed the account numbers as these were historic accounts and even forwarded my query onto Billing (WITH ACCOUNT NUMBERS and ADDRESS) for the details of these accounts - I THEN RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM BILLING STATING: "Sorry we are unable to help without an account number or address"

How incompetent.

I replied requesting that they read the forwarded email again, as this contains the address and account numbers - only to receive again the same email; "Sorry we are unable to help without an account number or address"

Again, how incompetent.

So having finally managing to speak to someone on 04/07 who confirmed they have found my accounts I am still awaiting a response and every time I call or email, I get the standard: "Sorry we are unable to help without an account number or address"

This has been going back and forth since April (3 months now) and I am starting to get very annoyed and frustrated as this is preventing me from taking out a mortgage.

Its only when I vented my frustration on Twitter that I received a favourable response and this is NOT how you should deal with customers.

Why is it that the virgin monkeys are not taught to look for historic accounts?

Why do they insist on responding with a standard email template rather than trying to help?

I want this picking up as a serious complaint as I am in the process of seeking legal advice.

The account details are:

************* and ************

I'm not holding my breath.

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Re: Incompetence and stressful experience

Hi Globalwizard65,


I'm sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult time getting information about your previous account and that this has affected your credit file.


If you'd like, I will have a look at this and see if there's anything I can do from the Forum Team. I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the purple envelope at the top right of this page. 


Kind regards,

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