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Inadvertantly used 6GB of data!!! :(

My elderly father has a minimal data monthly SIM.

His latest bill states he's used 6.08GB of data this month, incurring a costly charge for the pleasure.  My concern is he is a rather elderly chap who was in hospital at the time and for the 3 months previously.

He's been on the same SIM only package for 2 years and never exceeded his allocation of calls/texts/data.  He uses his phone for calls only, yet he's managed to use 6GB of data this month which seems nigh on impossible, even in error.

On interrogation of his phone he's used a total of 6.6GB of data in total since February 2015.  So this bill seems really hard to comprehend.

The bill details downloads of small volumes of data at regular/hourly intervals which I assume is an app downloading in the background unbeknownst.  Then there are significant peaks eg 228MB, 89MB and 408MB on the same hourly cycle with a few interim hours of minimal KB data downloaded in between on the same day.

The last 2 days of the bill he was at home and on wifi yet the data download cycle still is registering on his bill and incurring an additional cost.

Despite the excessive bill, which given his previous record I would like Virgin mobile to reconsider, but that's an issue I will take up with them (if I ever find an emails address to contact them rather than phoning the Philippines again - it wasn't a good experience).

I would appreciate any advice on how I can interrogate the data in more depth to avoid a similar issue arising again.

I now have a vulnerable parent who is at risk and is now scared to switch their phone on for fear the cost will impinge on their ability to pay their heating bill!


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Re: Inadvertantly used 6GB of data!!! :(

As an aside, two things to alleviate your father's worries.

1. Cancel Virgin and go with a network that offers caps. PlusNet are very reasonable, do rolling month and allow you to cap at £2.50+.

2. Depending on type of phone, you can turn off mobile data completely, restrict particular apps access as well as see which apps have been using the data. If your Dad has an iphone, it's Settings > Mobile Data. Imagine there is something similar for Android.


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