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I'm trying to swap over to the big talk tariff but it wont work

Good afternoon everyone.   Two months ago I started using virgin mobile sims then I realise that you could update your tariff or swap it over for a better deal.   So I swapped one of my new virgin sim over to the big data and a day later I tried to swap it for the big talk instead because something came up and I realise that I'm going to be doing a lot of landline calling so that's why I was trying to reswap.  I've tried several times but the system wouldd'nt let me, so I waited until a virgin media sales rep came on.   They tried to reswap it also and was getting the same error so they told me that the system wont let me do a reswap I would need to put more money on and they told me how much to put on so I said ok I will top up later.   I went on the virgin media website but instead of topping up I ordered a new sim instead and topped it up with the required amount because I decided that maybe I should just have one of each meaning I leave the first sim as it is with the big data and text and also looking to swap over to big talk with my new sim.  I recieved the new sim today and is getting an error when I tried to swap it over to big talk.  I waited for a virgin sales rep and they told me that the system wont let them swap me over with my new sim.  I'm now confused because when I tried to reswap the first sim with the big data and text to big talk the sales reps told me it wont go through because I needed more money on the account and if I wanted to give me card details and do it over the phone but I chose to do it later, but instead of doing that I bought a new sim and the same error is now happening.  I thought the error was because I did not have enough money on my first sim and my second new sim have enough money on so what is the excuse now?  they told me they are trying to fix the system.   The month is almost near end and I do not want to get carried over with my current tariff and be stuck with it for another month I only bothered to buy the sim because of the big talk TARIFF.  

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Re: I'm trying to swap over to the big talk tariff but it wont work

Hi Vitaminb3,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you're having issues with swapping the tariff over. I want to get this all sorted


So we can look into this for you, I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps. You can view this by clicking the red envelope in the top left.




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