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I am impressed Virginmedia!

A good friend of mine was looking for a new phone after his windows phone managed to melt his o2 simcard. He was happy with o2 and decided to go back to Virgin. OK, we both went into the Ipswich store yesterday lunchtime and the bloke we spoke to was.... BRILLIANT! I'll be blunt here; the staff in the Ipswich store now seem to be "vast" improvement on the last lot. They former team were rather arrogant and couldn't care less. Not just in after care but weren't exactly helpful when same friend wanted a new phone 2 years ago.

The store for this is much improvement and I got and exact asnwer to when my contract finishes.


I've not been happy with Virginmedia for several reasons; being double charged last year, although sorted out without much hassle, still has me worrying about my bills to this day.

However, now it's making me think seriously about my choices come Jan at the earliest, March at the latest.

To end this post, my problem is Virginmedia is too expensive for me. I'm visually impaired and need large screen phones so magnfiication can work for me reasonably well for me levels of sight lose. However, it means I have to have an expensive contract though so, I just don't have the choices that everyone else can access.

I'll definitely need to change my number; putting aside the span calls I'm getting there are people who were in my life who still name my number and.... I won't go into details but, a clean break is what I need.


Ok, well, I thought I'd complement Virginmedia for once. I am definitely impressed with the experience in the Ipswich store Smiley Happy

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Re: I am impressed Virginmedia!


Glad the store have been an amazing help


ill pass on your feedback

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Virgin Mobile Staff , However, All opinions are my own

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