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I Feel i am being lied to over 4g

For several months I have enquired about 4g, and been told yes it's coming but they don't know when.

Surely as a huge corporate entity you would know about future products, availability and a launch date. I am sick of sales staff saying it is coming but they can't confirm when. Surely this is misrepresentation and an issue for the ombudsmen.

I have two simple questions

1. Are Virgin offering 4g to domestic customers ( not business ones)

2. When ?

If giffgaff and  ID can offer sim only surely Virgin can.


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Re: I Feel i am being lied to over 4g

It is very unlikely that they will offer 4G soon. To do so will mean renegotiation of their deal with EE (Now BT)

I suspect they will wait for the outcome of the proposed merger of O2 and Three before negotiating any deals.

Not sure they will stick with EE who are now a main rival.