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How to lose a customer!

Wanted to buy a mobile wifi device online today........had to create a mobile account and pass a credit check so I cancelled the order


I have been a VM customer for years and pay c£70 every month without fail and they want to credit check me for a £5 monthly, data only,30 day rolling contract!!!!!

I will just buy an unlocked device on ebay and get a sim from Giffgaff.

Oh and I will NOT be buying my next mobile through you either as I intended to!

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Re: How to lose a customer!

Not supply a 4G service.
Not employ or train enough call centre staff.
Not have an email contact option
Employ overseas call centres
Mistreat your staff.

Just a few to add to your list sadly

However as a rolling sim is a Contract then a credit check will always be carried out.
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Re: How to lose a customer!

i cant call out of my moblie got new sim card was told 24 hows it take to work whitch i no its not going to work yet im being told if i want to leve i have to pay contract of of a phone dusint work right never has they will not even exchange the phone to one i no is easy to work they just want keep sending sim cards and string it out i have been with virgin sins was blueyonda if dont get sume desint custmer servus and play fair im going to trade and standerds one time i calld was a screaming kid in the back ground i also get the feeling call centers are in pakstan or inda i dred calling it a game

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