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How can I cap my granddaughters data

How can I cap my granddaughters data she keeps going over
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Re: How can I cap my granddaughters data

Hi lanlws55,

unfortunately Virgin aren't able to do this for you but you might be able to set a mobile data limit in the settings on your daughter's phone depending on the device.

Or just tell your granddaughter to be more strict / observant of her usage (not easy I know Smiley Frustrated )

Or consider moving up a tariff (probably only a few pounds more and cheaper than the £1pr day extra charges that you are currently receiving for the out of tariff use).

AlexKid :-)

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Re: How can I cap my granddaughters data

On most Android phones under 'Data Usage'  You'll see a setting for restricting mobile data. You can set a cap on the data usage for a given time period, generally by using a slider on a graphic chart. I set it from one billing period to the next. You can also set a data warning to alert you as you approach that cap in a similar way.

Under that setting there is a list of apps that are frequently used. If you want to 'go nuclear' on the limits you can tick the 'Restrict mobile data' on some or all of them. This will a) prevent them being used on mobile networks, defaulting to Wifi only use and b) prevent them from downloading background data over mobile networks, which can be a significant part of your usage if you're not aware of it. Careful selection of which apps to limit can give you dramatic data savings (I went from exceeding the limit to 2mb/month give or take)

I'm not sure of the deal on iPhones but it's not a huge leap of the imagination to assume there is something similar available, probably in a similar part of the settings.


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