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Hey, why not get a worse phone for the same price?

Just wanted to let you people know that I am disgusted by your mobile customer service. My wife is due for an upgrade on her mobile with three and me, in my infinite stupidity, finally succumbed to the rainforest of mobile offer leaflets that your company spews onto my doormat. A Samsung S5 with a free Galaxy tab for the lowly sum of £23 a month, which is the price of her current contract, seemed like a good deal. I applied for it online and received an email back saying my credit check had been declined, but there was a number I could ring to see if we could sort something out.


Being a customer of over 8 years standing, having never missed or been late with a payment and currently chucking £70 a month at your company, I assumed that common sense would prevail, especially seeing as this is a replacement for a two-year contract with another company for the same price.


I have to say I was quite insulted when I was offered a much worse phone for the same money. Apparently the credit check is nothing to do with whether I can actually pay £23 a month, but is all to do with 'how much the phone is worth'. I'm sorry, but it isn't. A credit check is a test to see if I am capable of meeting the financial obligations of the contract. The gentleman in your wonderfully inefficient offshore call centre was incredibly rude and sarcastic to my wife when she called to discuss the matter, and his manager was little better. We explained that we did not wish to accept a worse deal yet pay the same money, and asked not to be contacted again. We also asked not to be subjected to any more of your stupid mobile leaflets, regardless of whether they contain a fake post-it note with my name on it or not, as the details they contain are obviously very different to what you actually offer.


I was called again today and asked to consider two other handsets, both worse than the offer and both for the same price of £23 a month. I told the gentleman the situation, and he immediately sent for his manager. His manager explained that they can't do anything about the decision as 'they just push a button and get a yes or no answer' and he doesn't have the authority to override this. When I said that someone in the company must be able to make a decision on this, he said he would transfer me to the relevant department. At which point he transferred me to the main switchboard. I hung up immediately, not wanting to get into another conversation with your offshore call centre and their limited scripts.


I have accepted the keys to a new property, and will be moving house soon. At this point, I have to say that I will not be taking my account with me, and will seek my phone, broadband and TV elsewhere, as I have no desire to be insulted further by your derogatory attempts to extract money from my wallet in exchange for as little as you can get away with. It's a real kick in the teeth, especially considering that I was an Openreach engineer for 2 years, thus eligible for free employee broadband and TV, yet remained loyal to you people anyway. It seems a little wasteful that you would throw away a £70 a month customer of 8 years standing by squabbling over what you are willing to provide for £23 a month, a sum which you seem to be happy taking from me.

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Re: Hey, why not get a worse phone for the same price?

Hi belsey,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.


My apologies for the upgrade issues you've been having.


I'd like to help you out with this.


I will need to send you a private message (red envelope, top left hand side) to get some details from you.


Speak soon.


Many thanks



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