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Have I just been scammed?


I just got a phone call from +8001836404.  I answered because, in the few seconds before picking up I misread the number.  It turned out to be someone claiming to be from Virgin Media, trying to sell me Sky.  After a few minutes I gave up on them but they got 8 minutes of my time.

When I looked up the dealing code +800 it's international freephone ( "the charges are paid for by the party who is called instead of the caller".

Have I just been scammed?!

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Have I just been scammed?

If you haven't handed over any sensitive information you are fine.

There is no charge to receive calls (unless you are roaming of course). I had several calls from a number like that last month offering some sort of value Virgin Mobile contract (I don't believe anything said in a sales call and they don't want to send a letter, so that went well) with no problems.

How much it would cost to actually call such a number I don't know...