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Half number porting issue from a long time


I am having the same issue - half number porting. The number was to be ported complete on 14th July.

The virgin customer support has been the most incompetent bunch i have experienced. They seem to wash their hands off saying that they cannot do anything and it is ee problem. i have called more the 10 times and each time it is the same answer, we have emailed porting team and we have to wait for them to come back to us. This is not how exception and escalations work - nobody seems to be owning the issue to be solved.

Even the managers are blaming somebody else and it is not their problem.  

Twice i have escalated to talk to a senior responsible officer who can get this solved they promised that they will get the operations manager to ring me back and they have not contacted me within the promised period. They have told me that he will call me within 5 working days. I am waiting.

The situation is a horror - there are no options - virgin stores will not help you, they will direct to customer support and customer support will not help. i do not know where to go and what to do get my number back. Situation is helpless.

Having talked to a quite a lot of friends and colleagues they say Virgin customer service is bad and never to join them. I have shared my experience with quite a lot of them and recommended the best - stay away from Virgin.

All i want is my number back and will never buy any service from Virgin ever.

I am writing in this forum hoping that some will be able to help me with his.

Thanks and regards



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Re: Half number porting issue from a long time

It won't help, but you not on your own. I recommend you write in a formal complaint detailing your issues and time frame, when the answer and it's not a full resolution use Ofcom and raise a complaint with them. Virgin need a good kicking over this. The staff are (the good ones) aware of the issues but are limited in what they can tell you or do on your behalf. It a keep this as quiet as you can problem for Virgin. If everyone complained they would be forced to get their finger out.

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Re: Half number porting issue from a long time

I really feel for you. I have been waiting since the 25th and I thought that was bad, but waiting a month! Unbelievable! Virgin should be ashamed of themselves. I got so fed up with the total inaction from customer services that a couple of days ago I went straight to EE (network provider who Virgin are blaming). At that time they told me it would be fixed by last night. That didn't happen, so I called again this morning. The person there read me an email from their tech team saying the backlog had been caught up with, but that it would be another 24 hrs before everything was sorted. Hearing specifics gives me hope. Must say their CS is far superior to Virgin's! Fingers crossed for all of us that it's only one more day before we get our numbers back. 

I, too, have a complaint running with the CEO team. Their main concern seems to be apportioning blame and calculating compensation. They seem to don't do anything proactive to actually resolve the problem. 

As as for Ofcom, it would be good if they intervened but a complaint has to be outstanding for 8 weeks first. Who wants to be without their number for 8 weeks (though you are now half way there!)? I have tweeted Ofcom. They didn't reply, but at least they should now be aware of the issue.

Good luck!

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