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Hacked mobile account?


I have just called and spoken to someone at Virgin about my mobile.  I had gone a bit over my internet usage and had a £5.00 extra charge and turned my mobile date off, since then the amount seems to of crept up and is now £30.17!  I had a text message the other day it said it was off my mom and was for a photo link, however it took me to an odd page and my mom said she had sent me nothing.  I am now worried that the charges are going up as someone is using my account,  I was just told that I need to call back Monday when my bill has been raised, can this not be done any earlier or my account information changed as I do not want someone else running up costs in my name, I think being told to call back in a couple of days if I have been hacked is utterly rubbish.

Is it possible for someone to have done this?

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Re: Hacked mobile account?

Hi Hels81, 


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear of the charges on your mobile account. I don't believe it's possible that you've been hacked, there will be an explanation for the charges. Over the forums, as we can't clear security with you, we can't look into the bills. I'd have to ask you to call the team and I'm sure they will be able to break down the bill and explain what you've been charged for. 


Please let us know how you get on, 

Take care. 


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