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Got a Galaxy S6, how do I use my micro SD from my Moto G with it?

So today I got a Galaxy S6 and I wanted to transfer my micro SD card from my Moto G to it, but it turns out it only uses nano SDs, and also the SD I got with my phone is also a micro SD. How can I change it to a nano SD?


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Re: Got a Galaxy S6, how do I use my micro SD from my Moto G with it?

According to what I can see online, there's no memory card slot in it: - so no microsd card use. If you upgrade to the s7 you can use your memory micro sd card again.

As to SIM card sizes, if the current SIM card you have from VM is one of the older fixed size or adapter type then do one of the following: ring 789 and ask them to send you out the new SIM type. This type can be used as a standard / micro / nano SIM depending on which bits you keep popped into it or not. You can also visit your local VM store and ask for a sim swap. Bring your phone with you, they would take your old sim and move the details for it over to the new multi-type sim mentioned above.

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