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Going abroad

Driving to Germany for a week in a couple of week and flying to Crete in August. I am on a monthly plan Which has more mins and data than I use. I've read it just like being at home and costs no extra within you plan limits but then I've read don't forget to buy your euro plan. Can anyone confirm do I need to register or tell anyone before I go and does it cost / do I need to buy a euro pass?
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Re: Going abroad

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Hi Gazmate,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your post. You are correct, as per Roam Like Home, as of the 5th of June, all roaming to EU countries will come from your tariff allowances as if you were using your service in the UK. 

You no longer need an EU Data Roaming Pass. 

In order to make sure this is setup before your trip, log into your online account: to switch Roaming on and International Call Barring off (under 'Plan and device' > 'Manage services').

For more information or troubleshooting assistance, please see our online Help & Support page link here: Roaming Hub.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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