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Getting NO SIM message on my iPhone 5s screen

Received a SIM with my SIM only contract with Virgin. But when I inserted the SIM I am getting a No SIM message on my screen. I have had the iPhone unlocked by O2 and also the IMEI, but I am still No SIM message still appears. I have contacted Virgin Media, and despite the agent continually talking over me while I tried to explain the circumstances, I returned to the agency who did the Unlock and got them to re-check with O2. I have received the following report from them

IMEI #############
Serial number #############
Model iPhone 5S 16GB Silver
Telephone Technical Support Expire
Repairs and Service Coverage Expire
Warranty Start Date Expired
Warranty End Date Expired
Find My iPhone ON
iCloud Status Clean
Sold To O2 Tesco UK LTD
Country of purchase United Kingdom
Carrier O2 Tesco (United Kingdom)
Blacklist status Clean
Price for unlock Unlock
SIM lock Unlock

Is there anything further I can do to resolve this. I have put the "old SIM" into the carrier and the message I get is "No Service" which is what I would expect, but at lest it seems to recognise that it has a SIM card in the carrier. Help!!


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Re: Getting NO SIM message on my iPhone 5s screen

Hi Bemac1952 Smiley Happy


Thank you for coming in and posting Smiley Happy


I would like to help and can you tell me if the SIM card works in another phone?


If this doesn't then you may need another SIM, in which I can certainly help with Smiley Happy


Take care.


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