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Getting 15 year old sons phone bill online.

I have been trying for months to get my 15 year old son's mobile onto my account (I am the bill payer and the account holder!) but it seems you can have only 1 mobile registered under 1 address. I have just received this months statement amount and it is over £50!!! It should be no more than £25 but because I cannot keep an eye on what he is doing it has now got to this state. Tried to contact via email (all advisors busy), telephone going through the usual steps and then just ringing and telling me to call later. You cannot even make a complaint unless you go through the awful phone system. 

How do you get through to these people!!! We have 3 virgin mobiles, broadband, TV and home phone which are all going to be cancelled if I do not get this sorted!! Mad



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Re: Getting 15 year old sons phone bill online.

Have you tried the help tools to see if the mobile number is registered to an online account?

If it comes back with an email address, then use the forgotten password link to help reset the password. You will have to have the mobile with you when you do this as it sends a code to the mobile number which needs to be entered to allow you to create a new password.

If nothing is found, try registering the mobile number to a new online account but you will need to use a different email address.

The mobile numbers will only be displayed in one online account under the same email address if they are all registered together in one account on the Mobile back end systems. If they are on separate accounts in these systems then they are seen as separate accounts and will need to be registered separately online too.

Hope this helps


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