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Free virgin to virgin calls stopped

Last month I noticed on my pay as you go app that there was no virgin to virgin call time listed . I had as always,topped up 15 pounds before the end of the month and I had ages ago sent the text saying we were vergin media customers. So I rang customer services, the guy knew nothing if this deal and said a manager would ring back, he didn't. I just checked again this month as I topped up loads last month now having to pay to ring my husband, and registering again via text to prove I am z media customer .... Still no Virgin to Virgin free calls and it won't even send me a password reset link , what's going on ??
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Re: Free virgin to virgin calls stopped

Hi Andreaholt,


Sorry to hear about your issues getting your free virgin mobile to virgin mobile calls.


My Apologies you were not called back as promised. Totally appreciate this can cause frustration.


You mentioned you've been trying to text us to get this applied. Did you try to Opt in by texting your Virgin home phone number or your Virgin Media account number to 789444. You then just top up at least £10 each month and you’ll get unlimited Virgin Mobile calls the following month.


If you have tried the above steps and it has still not been added I would suggest calling us back on 789.


Here is a link to our pay as you go page with the relevant FAQ information at the bottom of the page. 


Hope this helps.

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