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Fraudulent charges

Yesterday, I noticed that I was being charged for premium calls that I had not authorized, permitted, and that had nothing to do with me.

I requested that all further premium calls to my account be suspended, cancelled, erased from my account.

I have not heard anything from Virgin Media since. My mobile number is {Personal Information Removed}.

To tell the truth as I see this, this mobile was to be used only for any emergencies I might find myself in outside my home. Any perusal of the account, will show that no call has been made on that phone by me to anyone. I have also mentioned to Virgin Media that I was quite prepared to continue paying that which had been agreed , £8.00 monthly, for that privilege. Thus paying for these spurious calls is not the thing for me to do.

Virgin Media needs to know that, if something is not done, I am prepared to contribute to someone else's ISP

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Re: Fraudulent charges

If you want to bar premium numbers you have to do it from your account page. Unless it's a mistake on their side, the costs won't be refunded. (And rightly so.)
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